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All over the world, a society develops itself socially and economically within a specific environment (‘ecosystem’). This development is guided by different sorts of political organisations. Furthermore, at all those different locations, within a certain timeframe society is held together by its cultural identity.

All the above aspects are of importance for society functioning in an acceptable manner, but apparently the current society is not - or not enough - aware of the coherence between these different aspects. When making decisions, too many considerations prevail for sheer political and/or economical reasons, without taking our environment or social concerns into consideration. Currently, cultural aspects are a no-go area by far.

Nonetheless, all analyses are clear: we are facing huge challenges (climate change, ageing, loss of biodiversity, poverty, etc.) that must urgently be addressed systematically and coherently. More and more, the following stand comes to the limelight: the preservation of the ‘environment’ is a condition to set the protection of ‘society’ as our goal - by means of the ‘economy’. In time as well as in space. If not, we undermine our (millennium) development goals. These considerations put ‘competition’ and ‘competitiveness’ in a different perspective, don’t they?

Therefore, at the centre point of this website stands the pursuit for sustainable development, a solidarity concept in space and time. Solidarity with all current generations (‘space’, North/South, East/West) and with the future generations (‘time’, the children of our children).
My commitment is to keep contributing to this overall objective. Until today, I was able to regularly collaborate with excellent colleagues and employees. ‘Moving a stone in a river on earth’ together (after Bram Vermeulen, a famous Dutch artist), as contribution to the process of change, of sustainable development. I would gladly like to invite you to read further on the following pages how we can and want to be of service at that. 

Bernard MAZIJN

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