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By training I am an Agricultural Engineer (specialisation: hydrobiology). Subsequently, I also obtained a certificate as Engineer in Environmental Sanitation. Some years later, I successfully completed the Advanced Additional Specialisation ‘Development Cooperation’ (specialisation: Economics).

My career developed along two lines. The past 25 years, I was on the one hand employed in the academic world (research, education, social services), and on the other hand I was involved in policy preparation and evaluation at various levels (from local to international). Sustainable development was the field of work, sometimes with a focus on the environmental dimension.

During that period, I gained experience in managing a multi-disciplinary team or project, and - sometimes under difficult circumstances - to achieve the formulated objectives within the set timing and budget. Regularly, I was chairperson of meetings, project manager, process counsellor or negotiator on behalf of the European Union, Belgium, a Member of the Government, a Department, the university, etc. During the past years, I became ever more involved (as chairperson, expert, etc.) in (public) investment funds focused on sustainable development.

Currently, I work as the Managing Director on the development of the Institute for Sustainable Development, a non-profit organization in Bruges. You can also contact me for independent advice on ‘sustainable development': see ‘Expertise and experience’ for more information. Furthermore, as visiting professor, for over 20 years I teach - among other things - the course 'sustainable development' at the Ghent University, Faculty Political and Social Sciences, Department of Conflict and Development Studies: see ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ for more information. Recently I became Associate Research Fellow at the United Nations University - Institute for Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS).


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